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An Aircraft Fixed Base Operator (FBO) is a private company or organization that provides a range of services to general aviation and business aviation at airports. FBOs play a crucial role in supporting the operations of private and corporate aircraft. The services offered by FBOs can vary, but they typically include: . Ground Services: FBOs provide a variety of ground services such as aircraft parking, towing, and movement on the ground. They may also assist with the placement and removal of aircraft covers and provide GPU (Ground Power Unit) services.
 . Fueling: FBOs typically offer fueling services, providing various types of aviation fuel. They may have fuel trucks to deliver fuel directly to aircraft on the apron or provide fueling services at dedicated fueling stations.
 . Aircraft Maintenance: Some FBOs have on-site maintenance facilities or partnerships with maintenance providers to offer aircraft maintenance and repair services. This can range from routine inspections to major repairs.
 . Catering: FBOs often coordinate or provide in-flight catering services for private and business aircraft, offering a range of food and beverage options based on the preferences of the passengers.
 . Hangar Services: FBOs may have hangar space available for short-term or long-term aircraft storage. This is particularly useful for owners or operators who want to protect their aircraft from the elements.
 . Pilot and Passenger Services: FBOs often provide amenities for pilots and passengers, including comfortable lounges, flight planning facilities, restrooms, and sometimes conference rooms. Some FBOs also offer crew transportation and accommodation arrangements.
 . Ramp Services: FBOs assist with the movement of aircraft on the ramp, providing marshaling services, assistance with parking, and coordination with air traffic control.
 . Rental Cars and Transportation: FBOs may offer rental car services or transportation arrangements for passengers and crew to and from the airport.
 . Customs and Immigration Clearance: International FBOs often facilitate customs and immigration clearance for arriving and departing international flights, ensuring a smooth transition through regulatory procedures.
 . Concierge Services: Some high-end FBOs provide concierge services, helping with hotel reservations, local transportation, and other passenger needs.
 FBOs are essential for the smooth functioning of general and business aviation by providing a wide range of services that cater to the diverse needs of private and corporate aircraft operators. Pilots and aircraft operators often choose FBOs based on factors such as the quality of services, pricing, and the availability of specific amenities.

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